A bit about me

I believe that each client deserves to have there shoot go as smoothly as possible.  From setup to teardown I know that I am only as good as my attitude towards everyone on set.

I Graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara then I moved to Colorado. I have worked on large ad campaigns, Car shoots, Catalogues, and various editorial assignments all over.  With a background in working in sales and support for Phase One, Hasselbald, Leaf, Broncolor, Profoto and Apple. My background provided me with knowledge and experience to handle troubleshooting that is sometimes needed on set to keep things up and running.

Digital Tech // Consultant // Workflow Guru

Each Shoot is unique. I provide custom solutions, tailored to your shoots one-of-a-kind challenges.  Just having a basic kit or backup cables does not do it for every shoot.  I have teched on boats, planes, in a bathtub, on beaches, from behind a door and laying down on the floor.  Each shoot presents its own parameters and specific needs so I believe in being flexible.

Colorado Digital Tech

My approach

I offer a range of Digital Tech and consulting services, all designed to help your company be as productive and consistent as possible.

Lead Tech

Weslee Ferguson

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